Sermon Notes

28 Apr

Title: Possessing & Preserving Your Miracles.
Text: Oba 1vs 17

1. Connection With The Lord’s Might: Matt 11vs 28,
Matt 15 vs 22.
2. Continuation In The Lord’s Message. John 8vs 31,

3. Conservation Of The Lord’s Miracles.

” It’s a connection to the Lord that will bring freedom & deliverance”. –Pst W. F Kumuyi.

” The Secret Of Power & Maintaining The Goodness Of God In Our Lives Is To Continue In His Presence.” Rom 11vs 22. –Pst W.F Kumuyi.

How Do I Keep My Miracles?

M- Mouth: keep/bridle your mouth: Pro 13 vs 3, 21vs 23
I- Instruction: keep to instruction: Pro 4 vs 13

R- Rightoeusness: be righteous: Ps 106 vs 3

A- Annointing: keep the annointing. Lev 21vs 12.

C- Commandment: keep God’s commandment: Exo 15 vs 26

L- Landmarks. Keep to Christ’s Landmarks: Pro 22 vs 28.

E- Example
S- Standards


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