21 Feb

The mother-in-law, comes home and finds her son-in-law furious and packing his suitcase.”What happened, ?””What happened? – I’ll tell you what happenned! I sent an email to my wife, Your Daughter! saying that I was coming home from my trip today. I got home andguess what I found?…My wife, Your Daughter, yes my Mariam, with a naked guy in our marital bed! This is the end of our marriage, I will leave forever!””Calm down!” says mother-in-law. There is something odd about this story. Mariam would never do such a thing! Wait a minute while I checkwhat happened.”Moments later, mother-in-law comes back with a big smile.”You see, Isaid there must be a simple explanation…”­”Mariam didn’t receive your email!!!”


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