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17 Jan

A Pastor was preaching in a Church and announces :- “If you know your wife is controlling you, move to the left!”
All the men in the Church moved to the left,
except one man,The Pastor was amused and asked : “How come your wife can’t control you ?”
The man kindly replied by saying :
“Pastor, My wife said if i move an inche from here, i will be in soup at Home……


And Things Are Not Thesame Anymore.

16 Jan

And things are not thesame anymore.
I never dreamt that I could have all the things he has in store.
But now he lifts me higher than I’ve ever been before.
Things are not thesame anymore.

I feel just like a man who’s found great riches.
All at once, I had everything.
But I can’t forget the days, living in my sinful ways.
I didn’t even have a song to sing.
I could not afford a drink of water.
T’was as if the only life I knew.
Though I used to beg for bread.
Everyday now I’m fed.
Old things are passed away, all things are new.

Heaven Stands At Attention, At The Mention Of That Name.

16 Jan

And having spoilt principalities & powers.
He made a show of the openly.
Triumphing over them, in it.
He has given that name to me….

Demons are helpless at the sound of that name.
Cos they still remember, Jesus put them 2 shame.
Only just tremble for they must obey.
And heaven stands at attention at the mention of that name. Jesus!!!!

Loose Him And Let Him Go!!!!!

16 Jan

Rise up & claim your deliverance & dominion
For satan must comply when the lord commands.
The king of Kings Commands, loose him & let him go.
Even the raging storms obey him.
When prince of peace commands loose let him go!!
Rise up & claim your deliverance & dominion.

Look For Me, For I Will Be There Too!!!!!

16 Jan

When you finally make an entrance to the city.
Of jasper walls & bright golden avenue.
As you behold all its beauty & splendour.
Remember, its just a request I’ll make of you.

Look for me, for I will be there too.
I realize when you are there, ther’ll be so much to do.
After you’ve been there ten thousand years.
A million.
Maybe two.
Look for me.
For I will be there too.

There’s Joy In The Camp A Sinner Has Come Home

16 Jan

This joy that I have.
The world didn’t give it to me.
The world can’t take it away!!!!

I Want That Kind Of Blessing.

16 Jan

When Jacob met the Lord.
Upon that lonely night.
He wrestled there alone.
Until the morning light.
He won a princely title.
To guide him for the right.
I want that kind of blessing.
I want, I want that kind of blessings.
That saves & keeps & satisfies my soul.
I want that full salvation.
Till billows of heaven.